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Social Strategic Designer

Designer: I am a visual multimedia designer. To me, the little details matter the most. On this site, you will find my personal graphic design portfolio along with other references to my plentiful amount of skills, all you have to do is scroll down.
Specialties: web design, graphic design, logo design, identity, print design, branding, advertising, data visualization and infographic design, user interface, among others.

Social Media Nerd: Rather than your typical nerd who reads comic books, watches Star Wars or does physics problems for fun, I am highly engaged in anything and everything that pertains to social networking. I even wrote a sweet paper about it. Among my favorite social media sites are the quintessential Facebook and Twitter, but I am also an avid user of LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Quora, Foursquare, Tumblr and Wordpress.
Specialities: content curation, research, analysis, strategy, creativity, and consistency, relationship builder, experience managing various client’s accounts

Digital Strategist: I have a demonstrated ability to write persuasively for the web, develop insights based on analytics, an understanding of customers’ needs, and the ability to powerfully present to business owners.
Specialties: Google analytics, presentation skills, SEO knowledge, extensive research skills, time management, creative idea implementer

Look what I can do...
  • Visual designer for print & web
  • Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X
  • Digital & print layout
  • Image & video editing, digital photography
  • Motion graphics
  • Social Media management
  • Branding/identity
Things I love...
  • Infographics
  • Baby sea turtles
  • Clever Tweets
  • All things Apple
  • Saved by the Bell
  • Traveling
  • Gestalt logos

Application Interface Design

conceptual, interface design
  • Ming app1
  • Ming app2
  • Ming app3
  • Ming app4
  • Ming app5
  • Ming app6
  • Ming app7
  • Ming app8

iPhone Alarm App

Ming is a multi-faceted conceptual alarm application for the iPhone 4 and up. Vintage style flipping gives the app a stylish and sophisticated way to look at the time or to be woken up. The app allows you to access your own calendar, listen to your favoite radio stations and also have an extra incentive to wake up. Ming contains a special snooze feature where you can sync up your Facebook or Twitter accounts that will post a message of Ming’s choice.
I created this app concept for one of my classes at Elon University.

Project requirements:
  • Conceptual mockups
  • Functional prototype
  • Flash, Illustrator
  • Class critiquing session

Interactive Research

Networking, web design, research

During my first semester of my Interactive Media master's program, my Theory and Audience Analysis class, required us to write a research paper about a comprehensive digital media theory of our choice. I decided to focus on how people with disabilities are portrayed in the media. I wanted to be able to find out just what is the best way to help those that cannot speak for themselves.

Social media has the ability to transform and liberate the way individuals with disabilities are portrayed. The use of social media gives advocates and individuals the opportunity to connect, learn, and earn support in a more sufficient way than physical activism alone.

The project entailed...

  • Research, making real-life contacts, writing
  • Mockup, logo, website design
  • Interactive paper
  • HTML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript
  • Formal presentation


branding, e-commerce, web design, social media
  • Ella Sven1
  • Ella Sven2
  • Ella Sven3
  • Ella Sven4
  • Ella Sven5
  • Ella Sven6
  • Ella Sven7
  • Ella Sven8
  • Ella Sven9
  • Ella Sven10
  • Ella Sven11
  • Ella Sven12

For the past two years, I have been working with Ella Swenson, owner of Ella Sven, a repurposed vintage clothing company. I initially helped her create her first two business cards in addition to her logo. It was a natural progression to assist her in furthering the expansion of her brand by creating her e-commerce website. I also devised and implemented a personalized social media strategy using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.
Visit the Ella Sven website here:
See my process on my blog.

Working with Ella Sven entailed...

  • Web design, e-commerce
  • CMS design
  • Video and photo capturing and editing
  • Client meetings
  • Wireframes, mockups, social media, branding strategy, marketing.

Panama 2012

In January 2012, I traveled to Panama with my classmates as part of the Elon University iMedia Winter Fly-In program. We worked in a team environment to create an interactive media project for the public good. While in Panama, we gathered content for the organization called Tortuguias through interviews, photos, audio and video. After a week, we returned to campus to organize this content into an interactive website. We developed, designed and deployed an original interactive project in a deadline-driven setting. Though I was assigned to be the motion graphics designer, we all wore many hats throughout this project. I also captured b-roll, photographs and worked with their social media accounts.

Winter Fly-In Roles

  • Motion graphics
  • Graphic design, blogging, social media
  • Video and photo capturing and editing
  • Client meetings
  • Baby turtle saving!


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